ACHA Chapter Spotlights

One of the most valuable things about national convention is networking and sharing ideas about how each chapter gets involved in the horse industry, networks with industry professionals, raises funds for club travel, and impacts their local community. Each month we will feature local chapters on the website and on social media so this valuable sharing of information goes on year round.

KSU Horsemen’s

KSU Horseman’s Association is an organization focused on furthering the education of students with an interest in the equine community. We hold several demonstrations to instate this, to include: draft horse pulls, Hunter-Jumper courses, equine chiropractics, equine acupuncture, copious lectures from equine oriented professors at K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Also, each year we choose a philanthropy and host a barrel race in order to raise money for, typically, an equine rescue. Thanks for showing an interest in our organization!

ABAC Horsemen’s

ABAC Horsemen’s is nestled in the quaint town of Tifton, GA. Within our club you can find our members actively involved whether it be helping grill at the Ag Club picnic, recruiting perspective students at Stallion Day, or helping put on our monthly jackpot barrel races. At our meetings we have hosted members of the Georgia equine commission, renown horse trainers, farriers, and also equine acupuncturists. Once a year, our members are given the opportunity to go on an industry tour. This past year we traveled to Ocala, Florida to exhibit various thoroughbred and race horse facilities. Along with hosting our monthly jackpot barrel racers, we also host ropings and NBHA shows. These events are premier opportunities for members to fundraise for national convention.